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(A more modern version of this Futurescience home page is under construction, and will appear within the next few weeks.  I've been too busy answering email and updating the pages within this web site to maintain this particular page adequately.)

  • Futurescience, LLC took over what remained in 2008 of the old corporations Futurescience, Inc. and Colorado Futurescience, Inc.   The operator of Futurescience, LLC is the same person who founded Colorado Futurescience, Inc. back in 1987.

  • Superconductors.    Until May of 2006, Futurescience produced superconductor demonstration kits and accessory items for science education.  The superconductor documentation is still online.  Futurescience can provide some very limited maintenance for the hundreds of our superconductor kits that are still being used in major universities and schools around the world, although active support, including replacement parts, has (with rare exceptions) come to an end.  The intention is to keep the old superconductor information and documentation online at this web site indefinitely.

  • For an abundance of information on the latest research into the possibilities of a longer, healthier life than most people ever thought possible, see Jerry Emanuelson's free online manual on advanced preventive medicine, including the practical applications of scientific research into Life Extension and anti-aging medicine.

  • The general email address for Futurescience, LLC and for information about the former corporations Colorado Futurescience, Inc. and Futurescience, Inc. is x5dna@futurescience.com.  This email address will be changing very soon.



This web site is the original with the Futurescience name.

For information about Futurescience, Inc or Colorado Futurescience that you cannot find on this web site, email Jerry Emanuelson at x5dna@futurescience.com

Important note:  The above email address will be changing soon.

Futurescience, Inc. wrote the material for Accord Publishing's Easy Answer Science Calendar from 1999 through 2004.  Many of our entries, written by Jerry Emanuelson and Stephen Pike, were also in subsequent calendars.

Futurescience, LLC does not trade links with any other company or organization.  The links on this site have all been personally selected by Jerry Emanuelson.  Futurescience has chosen to have an affiliate relationship with the Life Extension Foundation because of the scientific quality of their information and products.  Futurescience also has affiliate relationships with other carefully selected companies and organizations.



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